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Know Your Zone

​Evacuation Zones are not based solely on the 海拔高度 of your residence. The Zones are determined using data provided by the National Hurricane Center, 海拔高度, and evacuation routes. Storm surge does no correlate with the category of the storm.

Do not base your decision to remain in your residence on storm category. Your decision should be based on the recommendations of the Office of Emergency Management. Know where you will evacuate to in advance and leave well before the storm. Since Charlotte County has very low 海拔高度 and is surrounded by water, it may not be possible to open any shelters in the County so make plans to evacuate to another area.

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There are five Evacuation Zones:
  • A -红色
  • B - Orange
  • C - Yellow
  • D -绿色
  • E - Purple

找到 Your Evacuation Zone

Use the map below to find your evacuation zone or visit: 

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